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Royal Family KIDS Camp (RFKC) is an overnight, life-changing experience for kids ages 7-12 in our local foster care system.  RFKC is a nationwide model developed by For The Children Inc. of Costa Mesa, CA. They have designed these camps specifically to serve children in state custody. For the past 35 years, For the Children has trained and equipped local churches and non-profits to operate RFKC chapters throughout the United States and abroad. At each camp, two amazing campers are partnered with a trained, volunteer counselor whose only mission is to help create positive memories and affirm every child's God-given value.  The week of camp includes incredible events such as The Princess Tea Party & Boys' Adventure Night, The All-Camper Birthday Bash, and a Camps Got Talent Variety Show to go along with fun in the sun, swimming, fishing, crafts, and more.

For many children in foster care the opportunity to simply be a child has eluded them.  A number of our campers are tasked with raising their younger siblings, and life experiences have told them they are not valued.  The power of a birthday cake for a child who's never had a birthday celebrated, or an evening to dress like a princess and be treated like royalty, with no fear of twisted expectation in return, gives our campers a sense of hope that the future can be and will be much brighter.

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