Children as young as new born babies to 17 can find themselves removed from their homes and thrust into foster care through no fault of their own. Often, this is a result of abuse and neglect which further compounds the trauma and emotional toll of leaving everything they know behind. Studies have shown that many even experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at twice the level of combat veterans.

Imagine being suddenly removed from all you know, thrust into an unfamiliar home, not able to bring anything but the clothes on your back. Imagine how scared and vulnerable this could make you feel.

So this is where we make a difference! The Belonging Campaign is an interactive way for organizations to make a big impact by bringing awareness and support to the children in our community through their involvement. You can support the foster care community and help prevent negative outcomes.

How to Participate in the Belonging Campaign

1) Connect with our team and select the best week for your organization to participate.

2) Send a few "Samaritans" to our James Samaritan Center to pick up the Belonging Bags and discuss the campaign.

3) Select who in your organization will "Carry the Load" and pass off the "Burden" through out the week.

4) Carry the bag everywhere to spark conversation at work, in the community, and at home so that you can help bring awareness.

5) Work with your organization to raise financial support, collect donation items and/or enlist volunteers to assist the foster care community.

6) A James Samaritan representative will be available to address your organization briefly and answer questions at the end of your scheduled week.