Life Network is our mentoring program for teens and young adults in the foster care system. This program begins with Life Institute, a connecting point event where teens and their mentors meet, connect, and form bonds. Life Institute is an action-packed weekend that connects young adults in foster care with healthy community mentors who assist them in life skills such as relationship building, job preparation, money management, healthy use of time and resources, and much more. Along with a whole lot of fun, young adults are challenged to confront the lies they have believed about themselves and learn to persevere through difficult challenges. Life Institute youth and young adults develop connections with successful adults who will mentor them.

After this weekend event, Life Network mentors continue to help facilitate needed resources to promote a successful launch into adulthood. And, most importantly, teens have someone they have developed a friendship with that will be just a phone call away in tough times, there for them during the holidays, and always ready to give sound advice when called upon. We believe our foster youth deserve our time and attention. They have enormous potential and simply need our love, patient support, and guidance to become successful community members.

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