Are you a james samaritan?

Be a part of changing the statistics and replacing hurt with hope


The Cost of Doing Nothing

Every youth that slips through the cracks of an overwhelmed child welfare system will cost taxpayers around $1,000,000.  Youth aging out of foster care are more likely to be trafficked, unemployed, homeless, and abuse substances.  As a JAMES SAMARITAN, you can help us change these statistics.

Every youth is one caring adult away from being a success story. Help us write the next great story today!



homeless youth

James Samaritan connects the Church and the Community to create healthy support systems for at-risk youth and families within the foster care community, by engaging with people like YOU. Our goal is to ensure that the most invisible and vulnerable are better supported and empowered while reducing the need for governmental intervention. We are able to support our foster community's children and young adults by mobilizing our local churches, businesses and amazing community members.

Are you a james samaritan?

GIVE TIME - Relationship is Key; Connection is Critical

You can support local families in our foster care community, mentor a child/youth in foster care, or help a foster youth aging out of care successfully transition to adulthood.

GIVE MONEY - Sponsorships Give the Gift of Connection

Through your generous donations youth are mentored, kids attend life changing camps, educational and life skills resources are provided, and foster families in need receive support.

GIVE PRAYER - Prayer Changes Lives

We cannot do what God is calling us to do without prayer. Pray for the children, foster and biological families, mentors, and community to know the value and purpose they possess.

Do you own a business?  We'd love for you to become a Corporate Partner with us.

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