Are you a james samaritan?

Yes, you can change the foster care statistics


It Costs The Taxpayers

$1,000,000 per child slips through the cracks of the government's child welfare system. The youth ageing out of foster care are more likely to be trafficked, unemployed, homeless, and abuse substances. Based on that estimate, james samaritanhas saved the state$30,000,000 in just three years.

Every youth is one caring adult away from being a success story. Help us create success stories!




James Samaritan connects the Church and the Community to create healthy support systems for at-risk youth and families, especially the foster care community, by engaging with people like YOU. Our goal is to empower the family unit to reduce the need for governmental intervention. We are able to support our community's children in need by mobilizing resources from churches, businesses and local James Samaritans, like YOU!

Are you a james samaritan?

Give Time Life Network - Connection Is Critical

Life line- helpline for foster families

Life coach- one on one mentoring

Life group- an extended family for youth

Give Money - Sponsorships & Gift-a-lift

Transportation can be an obstacle for a young person to remain independent and thrive, help children break the cycle

Give prayer - pray for the children and the connectors

We cannot do what god is calling us to do without prayer. Sign up to be a prayer warrior for the children and the people in the trenches