Motor Vehicle Program

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James Samaritan is pleased to announce that the Gift-A-Lift program is in full swing.  The program was created to help transitional youth and others 18 years old and older who are licensed, insured and "driven" to succeed.  If transportation is the main obstacle for a young person to remain independent and thrive, James Samaritan will "gift" a vehicle to those that meet the criteria.  The recipient is educated on car maintenance and fiscal responsibility prior to giving them the means by which they can break whatever vicious cycle they have fought so hard to overcome.


We invite the community to partner with us in this endeavor by donating time, talent and/or treasure in the following areas:

  • In need of Vehicles
  • In need of mechanics to do Maintenance on vehicle before we give to transitional youth
  • In-kind Services such as gift cards to car wash or coupons toward parts, services  and maintenance
  • Monetary donations to go towards title transfer and registration.

For every $3,000 collected, you would be providing not only a vehicle, but the experience of purchasing a car under the supervision of a James Samaritan.  The experience of the transaction would be yet another life skill.

All Applications submitted must be submitted with a Nomination Form to