May + June Newsletter 2020

We are pleased to announce that Governor Bell has release the moratorium on raffles so Raising the Roof Raffle House is back on.  Click below to purchase your tickets for a chance to win up to $20,000 in cash! First raffle is June 23, you could win $10,000.  Open house is Father's Day weekend from 1-5pm.
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Open Table is a 12 month mentoring program that is comprised of 6-8 members who meet 1 hour for once a week for an entire year.  The members help the youth create goals and a plan for their future while mentoring them in a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime.  For more information on how you can join an Open Table contact Glenn at


Community Connection is a great way to get involved with our foster community right where you are.  If you are unable to devote an entire year like with Open Table, you can sign up for Community Connections and help provide resources to those foster families in need.  Simply sign up by clicking on this link.
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What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a purpose driven business whose primary reason for existing is to improve social objectives, have a social impact, and serve the common good.


Why a Social Enterprise?

Our purpose driven business provides sustainable revenue that is reinvested in the foster care community we serve.


Why invest in the foster care community?

Young people aging out of the foster care system have experienced some of the most troubling outcomes in the United States.  This does not happen overnight.  A significant component is a lack of sufficient funds which is one of the largest challenges in the foster system.  The foster care system invests less than half of what an average family spends on a child.
Therefore, it should be no surprise that this lack of investment results in young people in the foster care system having the worst outcomes of any at-risk population.  The cost of under-investing in our young people results in $1 million in societal costs for every youth we fail and creates the tragedy of never fulfilling their potential.
James and Arrow is a social enterprise of James Samaritan that sells fun and positive clothing (t-shirts) for kids, adults and men.  100% of our profits help support and empower children and families in the Louisiana foster care system.  We also provide employment opportunities for single moms, youth transitioning out of foster care, and at-risk parents.
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Thank you to our community for becoming the initiators and serving others with their kindness of donations.  Because of your generosity, we were able to reunite 8 siblings with their family by providing bunk beds, mattresses and bedding for them.  You were a big part of bringing a family together.  Thank you for being a James Samaritan!