February 2020 Newsletter February Newsletter


Launch of AIM

A social enterprise company of James Samaritan that supports job training and development for youth transitioning out of foster care into independence.
In Need of Sponsorships 
We need your help to launch our social enterprise.  A company of James Samaritan that supports paid job training internships and development.   If you would like to be a part of this amazing mission
 please click below to donate.  If you have any questions please call or email us at 985-888-6100 or staci@jamessamaritan.org
Screen Printing
We are needing to either collect donations or funds to purchase the following items which will be needed to teach our aged out foster youth  customer service skills, sales, computer graphics and business skills.  Sponsorships for the following items are needed:
  • 3 iMacs for Graphic Design Skills -$3000 per
  • 1 iPad for Collaborating with customers- $1000
  • Software for Screen Printing - $700
  • Tablet for Customer Service - $500
  • Hard Drive for more memory - $400
  • 2 Printers - $300
Donate Now

James Samaritan is one of the recipients of the Raising the Roof for Charity Foundation!   Let's spread the word and share this link with all your friends.   Tickets go on sale this Friday, purchase your raffle ticket and enter your chance to win up to $20,000 or a brand new home!!  .

Buy Tickets Now

If you are a church, individual or an organization that would like to be a part of helping with the needs of foster families:

James Samaritan is getting ready to launch their online platform called Community Connections that will make it easy to provide for the needs of those in need in the foster community.  Please contact us at 985-888-6100 for more information or email glenn@jamessamaritan.org

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:
Please click on the link below to volunteer for each event.  If there isn't a link, stay tuned for more information to come.  
This is our annual event that we hold at the center for the foster youth during their spring break.  We need fundraisers and activity people to help make this day a hit.  April 15, 2020
Fashion for Foster
Who would like to be a vendor to help us sell tickets for Raising the Roof tickets?
State Youth Board Retreat Help  
Our State Youth Advisory Board is run by former foster youth for the purpose of invoking change for current foster youth in Louisiana.  The mission is to advocate for current and former foster youth, to unite voices, and change policies, laws, and perceptions in order to empower youth to become leaders and reach their full potential.
Ahava Festival
Ahava Festival is a music and art festival in New Orleans that will be benefitting several non-profit organization, James Samaritan being one of them.  It is being held at Woldenburg Riverfront Park in New Orleans March 7 & 8.  
Click on the video link below to see how we are changing outcomes for youth leaving foster care!