August 2019 Newsletter James Storehouse URGENT NEWS

Hi Beloved Partners and Friends!!

We have BIG news!

Due to our expanding footprint in the state and beyond, James Storehouse Louisiana has a new name! JAMES SAMARITAN.
James Samaritan is not just about a group serving at a place.
It's not a What or Where, but a Who.
That Who is YOU.
Who is a James Samaritan? One who sees the needs of our youth and families and responds. We will be mobilizing and equipping local communities to meet the critical needs of our foster care and transitional youth, right where they are. Whether you can provide school uniforms or dance fees, be a mentor or foster family, we have an opportunity for you.
We are also launching resource technology to better connect you to the unmet needs of those we serve, as well as two new social enterprises that will better fund front line work. We want to create a culture where our most invisible and vulnerable are better supported and empowered. We need a culture where everyone is a first responder? 

We need James Samaritans! 
We need YOU.
Call to action coming!

Get Involved

For more information: - Kim Bigler/Founder - Staci Schwittay/Operations -  Karl Zollinger/Board President

Come and join us at the James Samaritan Center for the celebration of our new name on September 5, 2019 at 5:30pm.