April 2020 Newsletter Hope in Quarantine😄

Newsletter April 2020

Hope in Quarantine

James Samaritan assisted in opening up visitation centers around the state to help bio parents stay in contact with their children, adhering to the social distancing. In turn we were able to provide Easter baskets for these families and gift cards. In so doing, we have been able to give these families hope and encouragement.

Due to the effects of the COVID-19, we fast-tracked our launch of Community Connections across the State. Community Connections is an online platform that connects the needs of foster children, families, and transitioning youth to church and community members who are willing to fill these critical needs. If interested in signing up to receive updates on the needs of foster families, click on the link below.

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200 Families received

200 Phones

DCFS identified more than 200 families across the state that did not have the financial means to comply with requirements that were mandated by courts, schools and DCFS because of the COVID-19. Access to these communication resources became critical to the health and safety of at-risk children. We partnered with the Pelican Institute to work with vendors to design a very cost-saving technology package. With the help and generosity of our community, we were able to pay for the 200 phones and call plans in less than a week!! Way to go!!! Coming together as a community really pays off.

Being a James Samaritan

This is what being a James Samaritan looks like. It is someone who sees the needs of our children and families and responds. It's a committed village willing to extend their comfort zones and sacrifice in a way that a life is changed, healed and restored.

Here are just two examples. Through our partnership with Foster the Love, Foster Community and the Fire Chief of Natchitoches, along with many donors who contacted us, we were able to provide a group home with bikes for 12 children, along with groceries and cleaning supplies. We were also able to help a mother who is trying to get her children back. During her visitation with her child, we learned that she had lost her job that very morning due to the COVID-19 crisis. By the end of the day we found her a stable place to stay and paid for her deposit in order to prevent her from becoming homeless.

We are so thankful for the incredible support of our community.  You have helped us lift up the arms of our children and families in the foster care system during this time of distancing, online learning, and economic hardship.  Thank you for your continued support.
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