What We Do

We Support and Empower Children and Families in Foster Care.

Mission Statement: To provide physical and relationship support from crib to college for children, foster families and transitional youths within foster care through the creation of partnerships with GOVERNMENT, FAITH, BUSINESS, COMMUNITY.

Who is a James Samaritan?

One who sees the needs of our children and families and responds.  We mobilize and equip local communities to meet the critical needs of our foster care and transitional youth, right where they are.  We are creating a culture where our most invisible and vulnerable are better supported and empowered.

What can you do to become a James Samaritan?

Help us inspire others to serve youth and families in foster care by posting a picture or video on social media of how you (and others) were able to support this community.  #JamesSamaritan



Our Family Center is used to create an environment that will help provide a strong support system for children families and DCFS caseworkers in the foster care community.  State required visitations with biological parents are now held in our beautiful facility promoting a healthy connection and bonding between child and parent.  We have created a safe place to hold events and parties which these children would otherwise not experience.  The Family Center has become a community model for the state where better outcomes can be achieved for this underserved population.


We have a working relationship with several other groups to better serve the foster care population.  Our objective is not to duplicate the services that other non-profits do so well but to compliment them.  We continue to identify and work with others that have the same goal to care for these foster children and create a better life for them.




Open Table is a relationship program we have implemented into the community that will transform transitioning youth by using the tools they will learn to develop and achieve their life goals.


JS funds the unmet needs for foster children in our community.  This includes providing cribs, beds and bunk beds in order for a child to be placed into a foster home; food and other necessities for foster parents who are low income or live paycheck to paycheck; sports uniforms and fees so foster children can participate in extracurricular activities like other children.


Screen Printing

A Social Enterprise Company of James Samaritan that supports job training and development for youth transitioning out of foster care into independence.