Can You Commit to Monthly Giving???


Every day more and more children get placed into a foster home.  We receive phone call after phone call from people looking for assistance.  Folks!  We are in need!!   We need your support to make these transitions happen.  We appreciate all that the community has done for these foster youths, but the need still exists.

We are getting bombarded with phone calls and emails for families that need beds and mattresses so that the foster youth can be placed in their homes.  The amount of beds that we purchase every week for foster families increases more and more every day.  This means that in order to sustain these numbers, we are asking for more people to commit to a monthly donation.

In addition, for teenagers who have been living in foster care, the transition to life outside of care presents a very real and scary time for these children.  These young adults face many challenges as they search for affordable housing, pursue college, look for jobs and try to manage their money on sometimes a very tight budget.  We need help preparing these aged out youths for their future.

Our resources are limited without your help.  We need to get the word out there and make people more aware of the needs of these children.  Please help us out!