James Samaritan has been dedicated to the support and welfare of the child foster system for the past 8 years.  Inspired by James 1:27, this non-profit organization was created by St Tammany resident Kim Bigler.  Working with DCFS, churches, volunteers and foster families, James Samaritan provides resources and imporves living conditions for foster children.

I was a business manager in New York making money, but then I had a moment when I reconnected with my faith.  I can’t think of a more vulnerable person than a child without a family.”

James Samaritan Development Center

The purpose of our development center is to create an environment that will help provide a strong support system for children, families, DCFS caseworkers and other nonprofits in the foster care community. State required visitations with biological parents are now held in our beautiful facility. This non-governmental setting does not re-traumatize the child and promotes healthy connection and bonding for both child and parent. It also creates a safe place to hold community events and parties, which many of these children would otherwise not experience. Our Development Center provides a supportive environment for caseworkers who experience high burnout and turnover rate for lack of appreciation and support. The Center has become a community model for the state where better outcomes can be achieved for this underserved population.